World’s “FASTEST” Shoulder Workout (HIT ALL 3 HEADS!)

If you are looking for the perfect way to end your shoulder workout that will hit all 3 heads of the delts, this is for you. In just one rotating circuit of three shoulder exercises, performed with a single pair of dumbbells, you are going to be able to end your shoulder workout with a bang (or should I say a burn).

Start by selecting a pair of dumbbells that is about 5lbs less than what you would normally use for a set of 10-12 side lateral raises. Next, you want to assume a starting position by kneeling on the floor and placing the dumbbells directly beneath your shoulders. You arms should be straight and not angled forward to behind you to begin. Again, you want to be sure that your elbows and wrists are in line with your shoulder joint.

From here, let the merry go round begin.

One rep on each the right and left shoulders of a front delt raise. Immediately perform a side lateral raise on each arm by lifting the arms out to the sides. Remember to keep the thumbs higher than the pinkies in this position to minimize risk of impingement in the shoulder in this top position.

Finally and once again without resting, lift the dumbbells up and back to target the rear delt or posterior head of the shoulders. This is best achieved by twisting the grip to an underhand position and remembering to extend the arm back behind the torso into extension to maximal contraction of this head.

The idea is to continue to rotate through the three positions of the shoulder raises (front, side, and back) without resting. Keep performing one rep on each arm in each direction until the burn is too much to take and you have to stop. If you want an even harder shoulder workout challenge, instead of stopping once you reach failure on the first of the three exercises, just stop doing that one and keep the other two shoulder exercises going.

Stop when you are unable to perform any more reps in good form at that point.

This amazing combination is perfect as either a fast way to consolidate your shoulder raises into your dumbbell shoulder workout for building big delts or as a finisher to the workout once you’re done with your overhead pressing work.

The key is to push hard and resist giving in even when you first start to feel the burn.

If you are looking to build bigger shoulders you want to make sure that your shoulder workout with dumbbells are designed to get the most out of you. This shoulder workout finisher is capable of doing just that. Take each head of the delts (front delts, middle delts, rear delts) to the brink of extinction and push your limits. See what you have by putting yourself to the test. Let the gains begin.

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