Why You’re NOT Losing Weight (RED FLAGS!)

If you wondered why you’re not losing weight despite the fact that it feels like you’ve tried everything, then this is the video you are not going to want to miss. I’m revealing my “5 Red Flags” that make my ears perk up any time someone that is trying to lose weight says them. These reveal the real reason why you’re not losing weight .

The red flags revolve around the common phrases that people who are stuck in weight loss plateaus say when they can’t seem to get any more results. Often times, the same person will say more than one of these. Even if you just say one, it’s ok. The intention is simply to raise awareness to the use of the term and more importantly, give you a gameplan for how you should be thinking if you want to start experiencing faster weight loss again.

The first question comes in the form of “What exercise is best to get rid of this”. The “this” is accompanied by a pointing to some are of body fat on the body that the person is trying to get rid of. Often times this is the stomach or love handles in men and the arms or thighs in women. The fact is, there is never a single exercise that is going to help you to lose body fat in a specific area. We know that spot reduction isn’t possible, but beyond that, it’s the idea that exercise is the fastest path to weight loss that is flawed.

If you do not focus on creating a calorie deficit through nutrition then you will never see the type of weight loss results that you’re after.

Exercise in even its most metabolically demanding form (such as in a burpee) is still only capable of a minimal impact on creating the energy deficit, especially when you consider the fact that a single meal following your hard workout is enough to put you back in the hole when it comes to getting rid of the excess fat on your body.

The second flag revolves around the use of fasted cardio. Many will claim that despite their efforts to get up first thing in the morning and do cardio on an empty stomach rather than after they’ve eaten, they still aren’t seeing the type of fat loss that they desire. There’s a reason for this. Again, the type of exercise you do is never going to have the impact on creating an energy deficit that smarter food choices will. It goes beyond this however, since when it comes to cardio, research has yet to prove that doing cardio in a fasted state provides any additional benefits to fed cardio.

Save the efforts for what you put in your mouth and eat in the morning if you’re hungry. You just may have a more productive workout when you’re not starving.

The third warning sign when someone is not losing weight is when someone claims to be a “clean eater”. Perhaps no other phrase is as strong an indicator to me of someone that isn’t really eating as well as they should be. It comes down the details of the foods eaten here. Just because two meals may share a single ingredient doesn’t mean that they are the same calorically. Fish is not sushi. Chicken is not chicken parmigiana. Learn the differences between these foods in terms of the impact they have on your body fat levels and you’ll start to appreciate the changes you have to make to start losing weight faster than ever before.

The fourth red flag is the fact that the way you eat has a name. Most diet plans have names. We know that by nature, diets are temporary fixes and not long term lifestyle solutions. If you really want to achieve permanent weight loss then you are going to have to figure out how to eat in a way that you can stick with forever.

Finally, if your goal date for losing weight and getting leaner has an expiration date then you are destined to fail in the long run. Now, I can appreciate the motivation that a goal provides someone for getting in shape. The problem is, when the goal date is over then what happens. Instead, look to an inner more deep motivation for why you want to change. Maybe you want to be healthier for your kids or yourself. Look below the surface and the long term changes you’re looking to make will be much easier.

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  2. Nick Walker

    Nick WalkerPrije 6 dana

    Love the vids. Here’s the thing being how all people are different, I wanted to ask something. I work a blue collar job so I burn a lot of calories. I’m overweight however been on a meal plan that has me eating close to 3300 calories a day mostly chicken rice stake eggs and potatoes. I have dropped 7 pounds in a month and according to the displacement test my BMI dropped 2 percentage points and I gained 4 pounds in lean muscle mass. I do work out super hard and use a lot of what you say. Why am I dropping if I’m doing the opposite of a hypo caloric intake??? Been doing this plan for a month so far

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    logic thinkerPrije 21 sat

    Ive never been on a diet , and even now i may be on keto started 7days ago , and im doing this for somthing else not for loosing weight , thats just a bonus , but i do want to start getting back in shape just so i can go back to run for 2 hours like i used to when i was 25 yeas old ( 30 now) Loved it back then today im at a point that 7 min kills me so its a long way but ill do what i can and see where ill be in a year

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    Eating "clean" never worked for me...not to lose weight but get seeable results. For me its either vegetarian or keto. Two opposing diets but they both work like gangbusters for my body. A high calorie Keto worked so well for body recomp/fat loss while you work your muscle growth. Its hands down my favorite diet. 3000 calories every day. Vegetarian helped me shed straight goo after about 6 months but did nothing for muscle growth. Had a SUPER flat stomach, and a tight rear. Problem was I got too skinny--I dropped down to my lean weight pretty much...maybe 5-6% body fat. Had my lean weight been about 30 lbs more, I'd have looked like a mean motherfucker. I was in great shape overall just too skinny. My doctor basically said my internal organ function was as efficient as a 12 year old.

  14. j3zhott

    j3zhottPrije 3 dana

    I couldn't lose weight in my gut area for minute but actually i had a fatty liver! I had to take choline and inositol with milk thistle. Get your gut checked especially if you are a party animal like my self who loved to drink hard liquor when convenient. The gut is slowly going away finally after this major discovery. I hope this helps anyone who's having difficulty and it seems like the pouch is not disappearing- no alcohol at all even when it's nice out and your socializing is God awful but that 6 pack is a must.

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