Shoulder Exercise | Get Big Shoulders (SIDE AND REAR DELTS!)

If you need a shoulder exercise to help you build bigger side delts and rear delts without having to use the same weights that you usually do, then this is the one you’ve been looking for. In this video, I’m going to show you an exercise for shoulders that will build size on two of the most underdeveloped heads of the delts with one move.

Even if you are doing overhead presses for your shoulders, it doesn’t mean that they are growing to the size you are looking for. This is because the delts often respond best to the shoulder raises when it comes to building muscle rather than just overall pressing strength. That said, if all of your lateral raises, front raises and rear delt raises are being done with a range of weights and dumbbells that fall into something I call “No Man’s Land”, then you will definitely want to try this out.

Start by grabbing a weight that is substantially heavier than what you would normally use for side lateral raises. For many, this will be in the 40’s, 50’s or even 60 pound range. Next, you will want to lean forward slightly until your torso is at about a 20 or 30 degree angle.

Now, unlike a cheat lateral raise which has you pushing the dumbbell up and out away from you, this is going to drive shoulder abduction via a pulling motion.

This small but important difference holds the key to the success of this exercise for building bigger shoulders. Many times, people relegate their shoulder raises to the end of either a long pushing workout where they have already done bench presses, shoulder presses, and maybe even close grip bench presses. Fatigue becomes an issue and the heavier weights that would normally benefit you on the cheat lateral raise are being compromised by needing too much momentum to move them.

If on the other hand, you were able to have the posterior chain muscles of the upper back assist you in rowing the weight up, tapping into the freshness of these muscles in order to get the job done, you would be able to overload the middle and rear delts for more growth and stimulation of type II fibers without the compromise.

With the dumbbell starting at a position in front of the thigh, simultaneously row and lift the elbow out to your side and back. Make sure not to let the elbow stay too tight to the side of your body. If you do this, you will shift the load to the lats rather than the muscles of the rear delts and upper back. Also, if you don’t get the elbow away from the body enough you are going to limit the abduction of the shoulder, defeating the purpose of getting the side delt to be responsible for the lions share of the load.

Row the weight as high as you can under control. Again, unlike the cheat lateral, your shoulders will be controlling every inch of this shoulder exercise. Attempt a brief squeeze at the top of the rep if you can and then lower slowly and continue for about 6-8 reps or until you can’t perform another rep in good form.

Remember, you should be training within this lower rep range to take advantage of the fact that the delts are capable of handling heavier loads here and realizing that this is what is going to make them grow. This is especially true if you are doing all of the shoulder presses and heavy overhead press work right now but still can’t get your stubborn shoulders to grow.

Give this shoulder exercise a try today and I promise you will feel the difference instantly. Remember, don’t abandon the light dumbbell raises as well. Due to metabolic overload (another key driver of muscle growth and hypertrophy) you will want to compliment your training and leave no gaps in what you are doing if you want the best shoulder mass possible.

If you’re looking for a complete shoulder workout as well as exercises for shoulders that will build all three heads of the delts using science, be sure to head to via the link below. Use the program selector tool to find the plan best suited to your current physique goals and start looking like an athlete in just weeks.

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    *Re: Shoulder exercises* Hoping I can get him to reply but my PT and ortho surgeons are absolutely vehemently *opposed* to weighted lateral raises stating that they are the quickest way to torn labrums and that weighted motion in that way is "completely unnatural" to human musculoskeletal system (they are both at USC in LA) They stated that the only isolated shoulder exercises that should include any weight are forward raises thumbs up straight ahead and at 45 degree angel (preferably with resistance bands); and also external rotations. Those are the only useful likely non injury producing shoulder exercises. Anybody want to comment on my doctors words? Because I'm all ears if they are wrong (which I hope they aren't!!)

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