Jeff Cavaliere EPIC Push-Up Challenge (TRY THIS!)

Here’s a push-up challenge that anyone can try. Men and women, young and old, everyone can take this pushup test and see where you score.

The key to this challenge is following a particular cadence when doing this popular chest, triceps and shoulder exercise. Unlike the Bring Sally Up challenge that has some elements of unpredictability in the tempo of the song, which can honestly confuse some challengers new to the tempo and not get an accurate performance, this one is very predictable but no less tough.

The goal here is to simply perform as many pushups as you can. I’m talking about full pushups with the chest touching the ground at the bottom of every rep and the elbows being fully locked out at the top of every repetition.

If you cannot get yourself back to the top before you are given the command to go down again, then your challenge is over and the last completed rep is going to be your pushup total score.

To perform this push-up test, simply make a little bit of room on the floor and use this video as your timer. Get in position and then hit start at the 1:06 mark.

When you hear the command to go “down”, you lower your chest to the ground and make sure it touches (without removing all the tension from the arms and resting in that position). Ideally, you’d be about a centimeter off the ground in this position. From here, you wait until you hear the command “up”, at which point you explosively push yourself back up to the top with the elbows fully locked and extended.

The count of one is provided and you then proceed into your next rep.

Not everyone is expected to perform the same on this challenge. Gender and age are two important variables that will skew the results of this test. That said, your goal is to simply keep pushing for as long as you can making sure to keep every rep a good one and abide by the rules. There are test charts available at the end of the challenge that will allow you to see where you measure up and how the pushup totals that you did stack up against your peers.

The most important thing you can do with that number is not just compare yourself to others but compare yourself to the future you. In other words, use this as a benchmark for what your current fitness level is and then look to improve on it by repeating the challenge a few times a week. As you increase your strength, you will see that your score on this test will improve (and likely so will your body and muscularity).

Bookmark this video and save it to your favorites so you can be sure you have easy access to it when you want to come back and retest yourself.

What is even more fun is if you challenge a friend to do the pushup challenge as well.

This way, you can both push and motivate each other to do better each time you do it. There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition when it comes to getting in the best shape of your life plus it will make the whole thing much more fund, which is often one of the hardest parts about undertaking any fitness activity.

Make sure to leave the pushup total that you can do in the comments below. If you have any questions about how to increase pushups and the number of pushups that you can do at one time, be sure to put them in as well and I will try and answer some of the ones that I feel will be able to help the most people.

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    I am 16 an I did 60.

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    SohailPrije 4 mjeseci

    Can you do some empty can Rehabilitation exercises? Im having shoulder issues For over one year now i cant do military press with low weight or Even a push up altough back then i did 30 at least before the issues began. Ps. Sorry for my bad english im from Germany

  6. A very dark Guy

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    Bro I seriously want to thank you ....I started back in September 2020 ...ready to give up on life it self...I said fuck that I'm gonna just be a student of someone who knows what there talking about....hit the gym....change my life be the best me before I die....well I started at 335 frustrated with how much weight I gained so I just religiously watched your videos and techniques....well its Feb 2021 and im down to 285 and I'm not satisfied but happy yet in still are absolutely right about everything in regards to diet....once I changed my diet...things have made a big difference....hitting the gym plus cardio walking has helped me week by week and my confidence is slowing coming back but its a start....thank you once again.. ✌ peace and blessings to you chief

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    Did these type of push ups for HS for gym lol..same voice and everything

  8. Chris Emery0509

    Chris Emery0509Prije 7 dana

    To get a better result from the challenge make sure you warm up first. Try a brisk walk for 10 minutes. Then do just 10 push ups at the cadence Jeff set. Then have a rest of about 3 to 5 minutes but limber up. Finally, breathe in and out briskly for 30 seconds to get your body pumped with air. Do the challenge. I found that from cold or very little preparation I struggled to get to 20. After a good preparation my best is now 47! I'm 52 and always learning new techniques. Main thing is keep the desire to improve going or the improvement will just pass you by.

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