Build a Big Chest with Bands (NO WEIGHTS!)



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    @3AKube .

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    Yes!! Congrats Jeff. So sick

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    I love all Jeff's content. Doing a fantastic service to everyone and anyone looking to workout smarter. Have a great day everyone!

  5. Emilio Bustos

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    I always get a good pump when I use the bands!! But always afraid of the bands at the gym breaking and ruining my handsome mug!!! Lol

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    Thank you ask and you shall recieve i was just thinking about asking a co worker to borrow his bands to do chest workouts. Looks like someone is one step ahead of me. Have a blessed one.

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    Great workouts, keep em coming!

  8. James

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    What is the company or product name for the bands you are using????

  9. Jeff

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    Ahhh, last I checked, you had no band workouts. I am so glad to see this!!!!! I have departed from the weights since COVID took me out of the gym and then subsequently prevented anyone from ordering weights online. Found the band alternative and never have had a more happy coincidence! I love them!

  10. Rohan Khanna

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    Jeff are tricep and legs bands workout out? If not are you planning to do it? Really looking forward to it. Thanks

  11. Nicole Toth

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    Leg band workout would be great too !

  12. Checkthisontube

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    Those are really amazing, I train dumbbells but add them to my workout. Especially at the end of the dumbbell workout I can squeeze out some extra with those.


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    Can I just get any bands

  14. KaRaN AdlAkHa

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    How many reps and sets for each exercise can anyone share ?

  15. Robert

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    Which are the top bands to choose from?

  16. Ристу Георгиев

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    My delts are small and can't hold the band like he showed.

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    Thank you!

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    I sent already 10 emails for asking some points before purchase one of his programs, never get any feedback or any suggestion. Now I really wonder, is that a great service? After a certain moment, they don't even care what people needs, say or ask about his training or nutrition programs. They just have nice pictures on their websites. It is really a pity.

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    Stallone was my inspiration too..

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    Most humble hollywood actor

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    How about a whole band program or a band/Xero program?

  23. Cory Kent

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    I would really like band exercises that don't require attachments. If I don't have a door strong enough, or a piece of furniture I can use, I need exercises I can do with bands, using just my body.

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    the bands hurt my hands like hell. I dot know how your doing this without gloves.

  25. Vikas sharma

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    Next video in this series : " bands are killing your gains". 😁

  26. Leigh A

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    Where do you get these bands and what size and resistance are they? Thank you for the great suggestions - been doing some of these for years already. Banded Saw looks like a great addition.

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    You save me, man. Thank you!

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    How do yoi choose the right band?

  30. Chase Jordan

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    That last exercise looks awfully a lot like a V-shred exercise.

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    Great share thank you Jeff C

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    Sir can you make a video of triceps workout with bands.

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    Tank you sir I'm your follower . Your trainings are professional and useful ..

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    What are the sets and rep range? Or just go failure each excercise?

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    Useful !

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  37. 白薬ちきNaufal

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    This video really helps a lot! Would try this at my home with my elastic band. Thank u so much!😄

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    Good Game!

  39. Bartholomew Poonsiri

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    Exercise No. 4 is a REAL burner. You’ll get seriously pumped and feel the beast mode!

  40. Cory Kent

    Cory KentPrije 21 dan

    Sylvester Stallone has been my "muscle and body" idol since I was little. I saw a video from you a few months ago about different pushups, but coming back today because I have bands, with Sly talking like he did, I just had to subscribe!

  41. teo69

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    What about sets and reps ? now i am doing 20-10-10-15! Any suggestions?

  42. David Freeman

    David FreemanPrije 23 dana

    Hey Jeff, was wondering what you think about Doug Brignoles training philosophies concerning biomechanics, not using compound movements, but isolation exercises, to better load the working muscles, and avoiding injuries

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    I'm going to start getting serious about this again.

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    Am I the only one with a dirty mind when you saw the resistance bands 🤣

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    really awesome info thank you

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    Sorry guys, what about the repetitions?

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    Do a workout vid with sly!!!!!

  49. Jason Murdy

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    QUESTION: Does anyone recommend a good set of bands to get?

  50. Ankit Verma

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    Well this sure gonna help me in my home workout. Can't hit the gym because of lockdown in india

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    Thank you

  52. pew pew laser beams

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    good stuff, i can do almost everything with a squat rack, a bench with dif postions some dumbels, and bands, just cant replicate leg press

  53. Arian Evans

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    Great video and content. Thanks as always.

  54. Jay Graham

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    I am having such a hard time ,gaining muscle ,could it be as im older now ,I dont know if I'm doing it wrong or what but I have started working out again,but I'm not seeing anything if u could help in any way thanks

  55. Wigadama

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    *_If you can't even do 1 pull up Remember, every master was once a beginner 🙂👍_*

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    Thoughest and most predictable

  57. Subrata chowdhury

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    When legend says some

  58. Cristian Tohatan

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    It's unfortunate that I don't have anything to wrap the bands around in my apartment like he does (to anchor the band).

  59. John Titor

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    There are some where you can actually latch it on the door. Works for me!

  60. Armenias Thunk

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    Wait, what? I thought Jeff IS Rocky? I'm confused.

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    Do a video for truckers where you do these on a semi

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    what about "Build a Big Legs with Bands", will we see such a video on this channel ? : )

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    Another great video

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    Can't do these at home..

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    3:42 I can only image the amount of pain when the band pops off and slaps tf out ur back hahahah

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    how many sets and reps?

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    Darn i shouldnt have sold that bowflex

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    jeff: 1:38 "anchor it on something sturdy" me: looking around my room to find something sturdy lol

  69. Cory Kent

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    I know right?! I have only one door I can use, and nothing else strong enough or stable enough to do anything else. I'm trying to figure out how to wrap the bands around my body or something LOL

  70. M. Pratt

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    JEFF ! When in hell are you going to develop a resistance band workout PROGRAM li

  71. B A

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    Dude is not only inspirational with all his vids, but he's making some crazy bank based on the millions of views across numerous vids!! Would love to see one of those "This is how much I make from HRcharts" vids, just for the fun of it. And you know what? He's one of the few HRchartsrs that truly deserves the rewards. And to have Sly give you props?!? Now THAT's success!! Bravo, Cav, Bravo!

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    Bro any boys wants a body like HRITHIK ROSHAN like a v shape body

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    "Bands ARE #thefuture" 💪🏾

  74. Devin Em

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    What’s a good site/place to buy some bands?

  75. Dave Ravenall 94

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    Internal rotation, not going into elevation , dude's spittin' bars

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    For the best resistance band in india

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  78. Pedro Antoni

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    The creativeness of your band exercises never ceases to amaze me Jeff… My absolute no.1 go-to. Your vids plus my 3 resistance bands have single handily got me into great shape within 3 weeks, and all from the comfort of my living room and no gym. PS:- Would love to know what resistance range your red band in this video is? Or where I could buy that exact one? Any details on this would be great👍🏽

  79. GamingWithBok

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    Is anyone struggling to target their chest for good? Im trying to perfect my form as much as possible yet still feel my shoulders are taking over, they tire out before my chest. I retract my shoulders and puff out my chest, and also really focus on mind and muscle connection with my chest. I can see the fibres working and I can feel it, but I dont feel it as much as I do in my shoulders, which tire out before my chest does

  80. Alex

    AlexPrije mjesec

    guys, could anyone please share a link to those bands or any similar ones? I already had several attempts to find those, but failed. I live in Mexico and its really hard to find one of those. All I get are the small ones, or the material is too weak. I'd appreciate any info, thanks!

  81. Chi Quita Feldberg

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    Great but my question is if you train all your life you still get old and need to protect your exerscises from hurting? I thought the whole idea was to not get older and weaker.

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    Very interesting on bands

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    Good stuff!

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    I'm going to get so freaking jacked 😎💪

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    Hi Jeff. Hello from Brasil. So many people here whatch and apreciate your videos. Thanks to share your knowledge.

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    Great content!! Just subbed

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    I don't want to build muscle just want to maintain it cause gyms are closed

  88. Carl Keeble

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    Great Video just found your Channel. What are the Best Bands Please that are worth buying for a beginner?

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    Looking forward to it . science

  90. AC Films

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    so wht brand of bands are really tough? I feel like the ones i had were made of yello and had no resitance. Im looking for a way to get up to 60pnds ore more for those explosive but short reps\

  91. Matze Da Presi

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    Thanks a lot for this video! Who can tell me, what kind of bands Jeff did use? I don't know the brand.

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    Great series Jeff, triceps workout needed =)



    Aaaayyyyoooo Jeff,,,you did it

  94. Julius Caesar

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    Which set of bands are decent to purchase? Is there ones better then others?

  95. gj Anderson

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    Yes Jeff I would like to see more band workout videos. I like the band because they are so portable.

  96. Eric Rodley

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    When I do the "Upper Chest Pullover" 'I'm feeling it more in my upper triceps, close to my rear/middle deltoid. than my upper chest. I have the back of my hands together with my arms straight as you demonstrated, do you know what I could be doing wrong? Should I lay on the ground as you are demonstrating? Usually I am on my bench with the band behind me, could this be why im feeling it in the areas other than my upper chest?

  97. SteamWorksTutorials

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    Bands are definitely under appreciated for sure. I'm 6ft4 and I get a damn good workout with bands! They DO help you to put muscle on!

  98. Keenyn Lofton

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    For bulking? I’m tryna put on some mass

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