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  1. FinalfixMusic

    FinalfixMusicPrije sat

    Love how he censor bleeps the words but you can still hear them.

  2. My Sharona

    My SharonaPrije sat

    This feels like an old VHS tape you'd find in the basement compared to the Jeff and Jesse show of 2021

  3. Robert Wright

    Robert WrightPrije sat

    Jessi looks great. Amazing watching him transform

  4. Jerry Tengelis

    Jerry TengelisPrije sat

    It's videos like this that made me unsubscribe. Complete BULL

  5. Olive Oil

    Olive OilPrije sat

    Hey Jeff, thank you for the great, educational videos. My fave fitness creator By Far. I’m a 58 yr old female with a number of chronic musculoskeletal injuries I must work around- No one-I repeat, No one on the internet (not just HRcharts, the whole freaking internet), has helped me more in getting me back training safely, even with injuries. THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH!! Another aspect of total health includes mental health. To that end I can’t scream to the world loud enough, to WATCH TICO and the MAN every. Fucking. Day. This joyful channel-less than 2 minute videos daily- is single-handedly responsible for getting my depressed ass of the couch and working out again. Laughter increases dopamine-which increases energy/enthusiasm, which increases get tf off the couch motivation. I could not have appreciated and followed Jeff without Tico and the man on HRcharts. So helpful for depression and motivation! Love to Jeff and Tico and the Man!!! Guys, watch Tico & The Man. Energy bolus from laughter and warm n fuzziness.

  6. Tanveer ali

    Tanveer aliPrije sat

    If u knew the secrets u would have back like Tom Hardy but your one looks like Tom from TOM & JERRY"

  7. Joseph

    JosephPrije sat

    Do a video on your diastasis recti

  8. Squishy Cookies

    Squishy CookiesPrije sat

    Feet far Feet midrange Feet close 20 sec pull down 20 sec 1 arm row right 20 sec 1 arm row left 1 min 2 arm row

  9. Dana fx

    Dana fxPrije sat

    Outstanding work Jesse!

  10. Zach P

    Zach PPrije sat

    Why does this not work?

  11. jeremy leidy

    jeremy leidyPrije sat

    im jealous i rarely stay asleep more than 5 hours. great work jesse.

  12. JJ

    JJPrije sat

    Anyone know what one rep would be for the first exercise? Is the full raise then half one rep, or is the full raise one rep and the half raise one rep.

  13. filmitduh

    filmitduhPrije sat

    This is very excellent

  14. Tai Forsey

    Tai ForseyPrije sat

    Great workouts, keep em coming!

  15. Dave M

    Dave MPrije sat

    Is this bad for shoulder impingement??

  16. Killock

    KillockPrije sat

    I never understood how you can find out how much calories you burn or how many calories you eat

  17. Devious J

    Devious JPrije sat

    This man said there's no challenge in the same exercise. There is a challenge in doing them in the first place. Lol I can't even do the exercise. 😂

  18. Paul Murray

    Paul MurrayPrije sat

    Oh and by the way yeah I've been following Jeff for a long time to me he's the only guy on HRcharts. He's a hero

  19. Paul Murray

    Paul MurrayPrije 2 sati

    Hey I got a couple of probably silly questions about bench pressing. Does anybody feel sore PEX the next day or so? I work really hard and I feel some gains but I never have that feeling of soreness like I really worked my pecs the next day or so like I do with other muscles. Also in one of my shoulders my rotator cuff really hurts when I'm bench pressing. Is this because of my form or because maybe I'm lifting too much weight? Thanks in advance

  20. Digitalx Games

    Digitalx GamesPrije 2 sati

    im 11 and i lift weights should i just do calisthenics

  21. Wuhlz

    WuhlzPrije 2 sati

    I do them on the bed (My room is my gym) with pillows under my spine, I get that little extra stretch without having the danger of overextending! I don't have access to a gym and am slowly building my equipment.

  22. Jesse Segedy

    Jesse SegedyPrije 2 sati

    I remember turning to see what I looked like in the mirror while I was pressing, to check my form, and I hurt my neck. Lol Don't ever do that

  23. Julien Durand

    Julien DurandPrije 2 sati

    SOMEDAY... Where can i buy that exact shirt Jeff?

  24. Aksel

    AkselPrije 2 sati

    6 meals? I can bearly eat two meals a day, sometimes only one meal

  25. Emily Rodriguez

    Emily RodriguezPrije 2 sati

    I'm a female working on getting buff breasts. Laverne & Shirley are looking sexy.

  26. Emily Rodriguez

    Emily RodriguezPrije 2 sati

    I'm a female working on getting buff breasts. Laverne & Shirley are looking sexy.

  27. Piyush Aggarwala

    Piyush AggarwalaPrije 2 sati

    Jesse is quite shredded! That's plenty to slay.

  28. semiserioussam

    semiserioussamPrije 2 sati

    Did someone say second breakfast?

  29. nitesh

    niteshPrije 2 sati

    That pupper ❤️❤️❤️...give the sweety a hug from my side ❤️

  30. EroProtagonist

    EroProtagonistPrije 2 sati

    Lmao my man photoshopped himself to erase his abs🤣🤣

  31. David Casill

    David CasillPrije 2 sati

    He obviously ate more calories.

  32. Joey Benavidez

    Joey BenavidezPrije 2 sati

    I try to sleep on my back but it’s not comfortable for me. I sleep on my side but my arms go numb. Does anyone know if this is bad or how to fix it?

  33. drttyu liqm

    drttyu liqmPrije 2 sati

    After seeing the old footage of jesse the odds were really stacked against him but he fought through it what a legend for not giving up when many would have given up real qu

  34. Tirath Ganpat

    Tirath GanpatPrije 2 sati

    What was the name of the exercise Jesse did daily to open up hips + increase thoracic mobility?

  35. Manny Moreno

    Manny MorenoPrije 2 sati

    You’re the best Jeff saved me from pain than you so much 🤙🏽


    L0rdCROISSANTPrije 2 sati

    so no on fasting than

  37. Kevin Schmidt

    Kevin SchmidtPrije 3 sati

    Up to a 68 year old mess project??

  38. Al Ashkenaz

    Al AshkenazPrije 3 sati

    We need to see more Daisy. 50 percent of the video will do

  39. Alexander Cook

    Alexander CookPrije 3 sati

    I do not like to be shouted at. Someone who wants to help will not do that. Byee.

  40. David Langford

    David LangfordPrije 3 sati

    I'm gonna do the baby shark ab challenge. 8 back guarantee sounds helluva lot better than a simple 6 pack promise.

  41. Willisest

    WillisestPrije 3 sati

    1:15 start

  42. Carl

    CarlPrije 3 sati

    still a manlet. there ya have it folks, Train like Jeff and you can be a 180lb manlet wasting your time in the gym.

  43. j l

    j lPrije 3 sati

    cool intro bro

  44. Anon Sidious

    Anon SidiousPrije 3 sati

    Jeff twins came early, they already bench more than you.

  45. Bov Outdoors

    Bov OutdoorsPrije 3 sati

    My scapula pain is unbearable! I'll try this

  46. EA M

    EA MPrije 3 sati

    Solid job!! Great motivation.

  47. Theo Nuss

    Theo NussPrije 3 sati

    I enjoy seltzer. It helps me avoid a sugary soda

  48. Olive Oil

    Olive OilPrije 4 sati

    I feel baited and switched. I was not looking for an answer re: Whether to train with injury-DUH-nor whether supplements (AthleanX’s or otherwise) reduce DOMS; I wanted Jeff’s sincere opinion re: whether to train or rest (active recovery, e.g., walk, yoga, stretch, etc) when sore due to DOMS.

  49. C M

    C MPrije 4 sati

    Great advice!

  50. Day R2

    Day R2Prije 4 sati

    how consistent should i be, once a day or take a rest day between them?

  51. tellmenow20 Olive

    tellmenow20 OlivePrije 4 sati

    What exercise and muscle is he working at 2:44? I've never seen such a movement... Is it for upper chest and frontal shoulders?

  52. nuclear pistachio

    nuclear pistachioPrije 4 sati


  53. Christopher Bean

    Christopher BeanPrije 4 sati

    Really appreciate the videos. Seeing what consistency can do is a big help. Great job Jesse

  54. AquaLady

    AquaLadyPrije 4 sati

    He's been working out with him for years

  55. Muhammed Ashfaq

    Muhammed AshfaqPrije 4 sati

    Why are they awkwardly too close

  56. David Roxby

    David RoxbyPrije 4 sati

    Wait wait wait so the “ta hold” thing is just basically sucking in my stomach?

  57. Not Tom

    Not TomPrije 4 sati

    Not me watching this while I’m eating 😭😭😭

  58. Ethan Ekstrand

    Ethan EkstrandPrije 4 sati

    lol people still shill the junk food argument. You can eat nothing but Oreos and still lose weight. Its all about calories.

  59. Katja

    KatjaPrije 4 sati

    Holy sh*t, thank god i found your video, like two days ago i became convinced that i have tight hipflexors and started planning how i am going to do stretches every evening and morning from now on.. done it twice and it is like you says, better for a while but then it gets worse… also did the test, it is weakness for sure. Thank you so much, you just prevented a health problem i could get. Also thank god youtube for this suggestion, golden for sure 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻❤️

  60. Hellers Building Remodeling

    Hellers Building RemodelingPrije 4 sati

    I’m now doing everything you say to do each day but I’ve had to quit my job and sleep stretch to fit it all in - gotta go now for face pulls

  61. Ahsan bruh

    Ahsan bruhPrije 4 sati

    I really like that Video And i felt that helpful as soon as i start doing this i will comment further About my bicep peak progress ♥️♥️

  62. Tiffanyantt

    TiffanyanttPrije 4 sati

    Omggggg thank you

  63. Football Kurtz

    Football KurtzPrije 4 sati

    The angels of death are literately *the angels of death*

  64. Ohi Banda

    Ohi BandaPrije 4 sati

    I liked the way he painted himself to explain this 😂😅👍👍

  65. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose GonzalezPrije 5 sati

    That guy looks like he really needs to almost kill himself to grow muscle. He's just naturally skinny still.

  66. buck14red

    buck14redPrije 5 sati

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to tell his abs to get in better shape for him

  67. Hammad Fitness & Arm wrestling

    Hammad Fitness & Arm wrestlingPrije 5 sati

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  68. Farah Adjal

    Farah AdjalPrije 5 sati

    Ok is it possible to know how much carbs I should include in my daily foods to lose 30lbs as I am about 190lbs now and 5’7” tall!! Any help would be appreciated as I’m trying to loose weight to help me recover from a back injury. Thank you kindly.

  69. Hammad Fitness & Arm wrestling

    Hammad Fitness & Arm wrestlingPrije 5 sati

    Hey, we have Biceps, Forearm, Back and push-up training videos. Nutrition tips for muscle building. Plus, how to lose fat, build muscle at home without equipment. Detailed but Short (2,3 minutes, no time wasting) We're new on HRcharts, kindly checked us out

  70. Da St

    Da StPrije 5 sati

    That thumbnail XD